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The implementation of opinions to accelerate the development of rural e-commerce

According to the Lanzhou Evening News reported that the provincial government office recently issued "on promoting the accelerated development of e-commerce in rural areas," the implementation of the opinions. The implementation opinions put forward the goal of the development of rural e-commerce in the next few years: in 2016, 30% of the townships (villages) were built with e-commerce service stations (points);
In 2017, more than 70% of the townships (villages) completed e-commerce service stations (points), the volume of transactions increased by 20%; in 2018 - 2020, the annual turnover of e-commerce transactions in rural areas increased by 30%. By 2020, the application of e-commerce in rural areas was basically universal.
"Implementation plan" put forward, the local rural business platform in our province will actively develop with local characteristics, national characteristics, to support domestic well-known electronic business platform with the local clearing function in the development of rural e-commerce. Encourage electricity providers, logistics, commerce, finance, supply and marketing, postal, courier and other social resources to strengthen cooperation, and jointly promote the development of rural e-commerce. College-graduate village official, guide rural youth, women's college graduates, returning veterans to join the rural rich leaders, the development of e-commerce, expand the main body of rural electricity supplier management. Encourage e-commerce practitioners and professional managers with practical experience to develop e-commerce in rural areas. At the same time, support the local electricity supplier platform and enterprise operations channels sink, integration of agricultural products, fruit products, folk products and other resources, the implementation of agricultural products customized to create personalized characteristics of agricultural products. Support rural e-commerce service site to expand the scope of services to achieve a multi-purpose network function, gradually superimposed mobile phone recharge, ticket purchasing, pay water and electricity charges, pay endowment insurance, land supply and demand information release, develop online shopping habits of rural residents, improve rural production and living service level


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